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Written by Simon Lumley   
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 07:48

The Longmynd Hike ("The Hike") would only be cancelled due to extreme circumstances which are outside of our control, such as the Foot-and-Mouth outbreak of 2001 which closed most of the public land, loss of a suitable venue for the hike weekend or exceptionally bad weather.

The Hike operates on a "not for profit" basis and has certain costs which need to be met at various stages in the months leading up to the event. The closer to the event a cancellation occurs, the more money will have been spent irrecoverably. The Hike must retain sufficient funds from one year to enable the costs for the initial stages of the subsequent year to be met, so cancellation of the event will never result in a full refund of the entry fee being made.

In any case The Hike will not be liable for additional costs incurred by entrants (such things as accommodation or travel costs or purchases of kit required for the Hike).

In the unlikely event that The Hike has to be cancelled, The Hike does not guarantee to return any of the entry fee. However, after reviewing the financial situation, the organising committee may decide at its discretion that a portion of the entry fee will be returned. The committee's decision will be communicated to entrants using the email address used to register and will be advised as soon as practicable after the cancellation is announced. If any refund is decided upon, this will be issued to the person who paid for the entry and may be by means of a cheque or a refund to the card used to pay for the entry (at the committee's discretion). The Hike's cancellation policy supersedes any generalised cancellation policy published on our on-line entry provider`s website.

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