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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check here for an answer to common question before emailing the hike.



Q. I have an LED torch, do I still need to carry a spare 'bulb'?
A. No, we appreciate that an LED will last for thousands of hours and is not a changeable component, so in this instance only sufficient spare batteries are required.

Q. Can I use a wind-up torch?
A. No. In our experience wind-up torches are not yet robust enough and may fail during the prolonged overnight usage on a hike with no moonlight or full cloud cover.

Q. Can I print off a map from a CD or mapping programme and use that instead of buying a set of OS maps?
A. No. The print on a purchased OS map will not run if it gets wet, a set of pages produced on a computer printer may well run. We have no way of knowing either way and we do not have the time to test this at kit-check on the morning of the hike as there are 550 hikers to deal with.

Q. I have a GPS device, can I use this instead of a map and/or compass?
A. No. GPS devices may lose contact with enough satellites to give an accurate location or the batteries may go flat. You must carry a conventional compass and the required maps (and be able to use them), if you choose supplement these with a GPS receiver that is your choice.

Q. What is an 'approved' survival bag or space blanket?
A. One that was designed for the purpose intended. A survival bag is designed to be robust, easily visible and big enough to completely enclose a person, a bin-bag (say) would not. Space blankets must be big enough to wrap around the whole body and enclose a person.

Q. Can I use custom (OS Select) maps?
A. Yes, provided they are produced by the OS and not printed off locally on your computer printer. The kit list shows the four corners that must be included and the centre point.

Q. Can I use a photocopy of the maps
A. No, it's a breach of copyright and therefore illegal.


The Route

Q. Can you give me a detailed route of the hike, or a GPS download for the route, and recommend which way to go?
A. No, part of the challenge of the hike is working it out for yourself from the map, or training in the area prior to the event. Providing you stick to public rights-of-way the choice is yours. We have provided you with the grid references of the checkpoints, the rest is up to you.




Q. I haven't received confirmation of my entry yet, what do I do?
A. You should have received a confirmation email on the date you entered. If you entered yourself then log in at Active Events and check your entry. If somebody else entered you as part of a larger group then they should be able to log in to Active events and confirm this.

Q. I'm 16 or 17, can I enter if I walk with a parent or legal guardian?
A. Unfortunately not. Recent child protection legislation prevents us being able to offer entries to people under the age of 18 on the Saturday of the hike, no matter what the circumstances.

Q. Do I have to enter as a member of a team?
A. No, everyone enters individually and is eligible for the appropriate trophies. If you are walking with 3-5 friends or colleagues and want to declare this as a team, then think up a silly name and fill in the team name as you enter. You don't have to walk together, if a team member retires the rest can carry on, if three or more members finish then the team's time will be the aggregate time of the fastest three finishing times.

Q. I want to raise money for a good cause, can I use the hike for sponsorship?
A. Yes you can. Everyone who starts the hike (providing they get to the first checkpoint at least) receives a certificate showing the distance walked and the time taken. The certificate is a great thing to show your sponsors when collecting your sponsorship money.


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