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Written by Simon Lumley   
Thursday, 12 November 2015 08:16

Longmynd Hike 2016


The 2016 Longmynd Hike took place over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd October.


Finishers lists are available online.

If you competed on the event and lost anything, or want to leave feedback please see the Hike home page.

Please click here to view this fabulous video from Woodgate checkpoint produced by Isabel Arthur at Community Spirit Photography.


Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on the event, it is published below.

Jon Oliver, completed course in 10:26
It sounds as though the new chip system has helped with organisation immensely. Can only be a positive introduction. Once again thanks to all involved. Another brilliant event.


Phil Hayes, completed course in 14:55
An excellent well organised hike yet again, only my second year of doing it, but a big thank you to all of the volunteers who son kindly gave up their time to ensure it all ran so smoothly.


Ian Latham, completed course in 19:02
This was my first Long Mynd Hike. Thank you to everyone involved in the event. It is clearly very well organised with a large team of volunteers. From the moment we arrived at the school on Saturday to the moment we hobbled back out on Sunday morning, I felt we were being well supported. The staff at checkpoints were brilliant and regular top up's of tea, sweets and biscuits were always well received. I had heard various stories (and whinges) about kit checks and being grouped at night, but both these things went well for me. The electronic tally was a nice addition and allowed the family to keep track of us from home. Hike number 200.


Shelly Beckett, completed course in 19:56
Hello all event organisers, This was my first event and a huge thank you to all for the fantastic organisation, support, warmth and love throughout the event. It was impressive; from the start, checking in, to the check in points and refreshment stops. There were plenty of enthusiastic and knowledgable volunteers from little people with jelly babies to seasoned accommodating adults. The event was fun, very well run and I would highly recommend it! Sun rise on the Long Mynd at Minton was magical. thank you all.


Stephen Blythe
I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who make this event possible. From my experience, without exception, you were a friendly, happy and helpful bunch - and your cheerfulness made the event the most painful fun I've ever had! 2016 was my first attempt, sadly it all became too much for my tired body at Shelve, but I'll be back!

Stephen Blythe


Dave Drinkwater, completed course in 14:15
Checkpoint 11a, fantastic. A beacon of fairy lights and flashing shoes below a foreboding black hill in the middle of darkest Shropshire.

Well done all.

Dave Drinkwater.


Claire Baker, completed course in 14:32
LMH fabulous, as always! Perfect for 'serious' and 'not so serious' runners and hikers alike! Such a 'community building' event, with a marvellous organising and support team; never stop doing it! PS: Liked the new route up Black Radley, even if temporarily disorientated at the top! Rodney.

Just like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the organisers and volunteers. Appreciate how much effort this takes, appreciate the warm welcome and refreshments we receive at the various checkpoints, and especially appreciate those waiting to check us in at the highest, windiest points and coldest hours of the early morning.

With Kindest Regards,
Claire Baker


Paul Green, completed course in 23:32
Hello, Entry no 258 calling - team captain are we there yet.

Great event again, well organised and marshalled. Love the gals at checkpoint 10a.

I've had a thought every time I do the hike I say never again and mean it , but occasionally I give in and sign up once more.

Now on that note for the 50th hike it would be great to have a commemorative object of some sort to celebrate the occasion.

Something like a mini cup or a shield. Additionally, if the hiker has completed the hike in previous years' notation of those previous years printed on the commemorative object. I would pay extra for that...

Hope the electronics work out for tagging. Family and friends were watching on line the progress.

And some professional photographs taken throughout the Hike that you could view on return to base would be good.

Everyone in our team welcomed the new route over Black Radley. Please thank the owners for bringing it back on line.

Thanks again.
Paul Green


Andrew Latham, completed course in 19:02
I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent organisation of this event. All of the staff at checkpoints were incredibly supportive along the way which really made a difference. The refreshment tents were awesome and much needed as was the breakfast at the end!

I know some people complain about the grouping at night as it can be a lottery but we walked with some great blokes and it really helped motivation. Grouping from a health and safety point of view doesn't seem to make much sense though when there are 600 other people all on the same route, no one is going to get left behind.

My thanks to all,
Andrew Latham


Richard Youngman, completed course in 16:55
Dear Organisers,

I would like to give a big thank you to the organisers and volunteers for such a well organised and well run 2016 event. I guess you have had a few years to practice and perfect the event but everything was so well thought out and it ran like clockwork.

I am not sure how you choose your victims, but how do you get people to sit at the top of a hill in pretty poor conditions and stay there all night? That seems like a pretty big challenge on its own! I would rather hike it but I was pleased they were there, especially the ones with Jaffa Cakes. A big thank you to all of them too.

This was my first Longmynd Hike and first real hike of any length and I really enjoyed it (well most of it) and I hope I will be able to join you again in 2017.

Many Thanks
Richard Youngman


Gareth Morris, completed course in 18:14
Another superbly organised and immensely enjoyable hike. Despite the strain it puts on my ageing body, I can't stop coming back for more!

The checkpoints were well set out and the range of snacks & drinks on offer was great, I especially loved the rice pudding and the cheese flapjacks (don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em) at Stiperstones. The volunteers were as friendly and welcoming as always, they really make a difference when times are getting tough.

Being a local, I'm probably biased but I'd challenge anyone to find such a well organised event in such beautiful surroundings at what is, let's face it, a bargain price.

Super, smashing, great!

Gareth Morris


John Mooney, completed course in 21:50
Hi there,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who help to make the Longmynd Hike such a special event.

A particular mention in dispatches must go to the young ladies at checkpoint 11a who (literally) brightened up our hike with an amazing night-time display of dancing wearing fabulous red and green shoes!

Thanks again and see you next year for your (and my) 50th.

John Mooney


Hannah Jones, completed course in 21:55
Dear Longmynd hike team.

This was my first event, race number 163.

I have never been to a more organised, friendly, value-for-money, nostalgic event! Your safety rules and emergency procedures were well thought out, and I felt in safe hands at every point! (Although not used!!!). Every check point was a morale boost- all of your volunteers worked so hard- thank you!

I said yesterday I wouldn't do it again, but now I have slept and am in recovery, I think I have a point to prove to old Ragleth!

What a brilliant weekend. Thank you so much.
Hannah Jones


Stuart Altman, completed course in 16:25

Great friendly well organised event as ever but thought i'd feedback a few thoughts from somebody who has done it so many times !

Firstly kit check - There is a kit check at the beginning which involves lots of helpers and holds everything up ! we are all hopefully sensible adults why not just have people sign a disclaimer that they have everything ? as for trying to get your first aid kit out from the bottom of a well packed, bedded in rucksac well into the event !!!

Numbers and the damage to paths :- The event has increased the numbers of entrants to 650 and although some 550 or so started the damage to the paths because of numbers and the rain and mud was very very evident even at half way down the field - what it was like by the end groups I hate to think - it cannot do much for the reputation of the hike ? maybe numbers have been pushed a bit too far?

So as ever a great event and looking [forward] to the 50th



Kim Bennett, completed course in 14:07
Dear LMH team, Thank you so much for another fantastic event. A great atmosphere at the checkpoints, all the helpers were so cheerful and energetic in spurring on the weary hikers. Wandering in from the blackness, we were always greeted with big smiles, plenty of encouragement and great tea. Well chosen snacks just hit the spot (especially the warm rice pudding!) So much time and effort had been put into the checkpoints to make them welcoming and lift the spirits – and they certainly did that!

The new route up to Black Rhadley was much better than the long slog up the road – hope we are able to use it again next year.

I can only imagine the hard work and planning that has to be done. Big thanks to everyone.

There was great rapport with fellow hikers and locals along the way. Love this event so much. Strange how you can feel pain yet still have a big smile on your face. LMH has such a happy vibe J

Kim Bennett


Mike Rowlands, completed course in 16:27

I'd like to say a massive thank you to every single person who helped the hike go smoothly and safely.

I have run a number of events over the years and the LMH is up there with the best, the CP volunteers are cheery, motivational and make the experience very enjoyable.

The route is a tough one and is a good test for anyone; the cooks and volunteers manning the school were wonderful.

the only negatives I have were

  1. The litter, although it wasn't terrible (I was mid pack i think), there was a fair bit around.
  2. Some people not respecting that it was silly o'clock when wondering through farms etc past where people sleep and calling/ shouting out loudly
  3. For the last 10-12 miles we found pretty much every gate open, so the team in front of us must have not shut them!

One suggestion I'd like you to consider would be the LMH double for those who might be able to complete it in say 30hrs, the hike for them starts at 7am and they get 30 hrs to complete it? obviously they would pay more and cps would need to be manned for longer but it would be interesting! I'd certainly be keen and I know of others who would be.

Perhaps something else worth considering is some not having to be grouped up for the night section, if they can prove they have the experience and skills to do so. I have for instance completed the spine race (Pennine Way in winter) and completed many nights on my own.

Good luck with future events and enjoy your well earned rest.

T`hank you,
Mike Rowlands



Craig Henn, completed course in 15:11
After a couple of years of good weather, along came the rain to give us a bit of test.

I love the way in which the hike keeps its roots and doesn't include medals and tshirts which would mean bumping the entry fee up.

The new tagging system seemed to work well and the marshalls and support staff were excellent, as always, especially the girls at checkpoint 11a which really gave us a mental boost when we were starting to fade.

A big thanks also to the medical staff at HQ who looked after one of my team mates when she fainted. They were great.

The the new route up Black Radley was great. It may have been like a mud bath, but I'll take that any day compared with several miles of road. Lets just hope that people can stay off it in the weeks leading up to next years event.

Well done to all those who took part and a big thank you the organizers.
Craig Henn(Team Ragleth)


Russ & Jane Davies, checkpoint officers at checkpoint 11A
We, check point 11A would like to thank the longmynd hike for letting us have our check point again this year. We had a fantastic time. We loved seeing everyone come through. Massive congratulations to the winners.

We will see you next year... even if we are walking it ourselves again !! XXX
Russ & Jane Davies


Michael Speake, completed course in 21:59
Our group was made up of my daughter 117 Meg Speake, 118 Michael Nev Speake and 9 Pablo, who flew in from Madrid for this event feeling very nervous and anxious, as was I, but flew home on cloud 9.

Where do I start? The organisation was second to none, great atmosphere at the CPs, encouragement all the way, and all for £33 a head; this was a birthday present from Meg to me, I couldn't have had a better one.

Thanks to Paul and Mick Davies for laughing at us for doing the scenic route around Pole Cottage, lessons learnt there.

Well done to you all. Thanks for all your hard work to make this a great event.

The breakfast was the icing on the cake

Michael Nev Speake


Jenny Hill, completed course in 19:31

I wanted to write to thank you for such a fantastic experience. This was my first go at the hike having watched my brother complete 10 times before, and when my dad completed last year I decided it was finally time to give it a go. I had never appreciated the sheer number of people who volunteered to stay up throughout the night, and all were so cheerful, helpful and full of support, despite their own lack of sleep! Your team are simply awesome, a huge thanks to them for keeping us all safe and functioning throughout the night.

Kindest regards
Jenny Hill


John Purves

Although I wish to feedback a complaint I would firstly like to place on record my appreciation of the immense effort necessary on the part of the vast army of volunteers to put on an event like this.

I took part in the hike in 2014 and 2015 and due to poor tactics on my part I did not manage to get beyond Stiperstones' car park (38 miles) on either occasion in good time to complete the course within the allotted 24 hours.

2016 was going to be different - I trained hard for a year and worked out that if I could get to Bridges before 17.30 I was in with more than a fair chance of success by hiking the remains 38 miles at an even 24 - 28 minute per mile pace.

On Saturday I kept a close check on my checkpoint times arriving at Bridges at 17.22 as planned. I was immediately informed by a marshall I was now going to be grouped - well ahead of previous years' grouping times. I was grouped with a young couple in their twenties who were eager to leave as the had been waiting for 5 - 10 minutes to be grouped - I would add at this point I am 67.

The walk up to Stiperstones was OK but I could tell that I would not be able to maintain their pace for a further 35 miles. We arrived at Stiperstones checkpoint at 18.06 - well on for me to comfortably complete the course in under 24 hours. At Stiperstones we immediately informed the marshall we wanted to be re-grouped and the reason why. We were told we could walk with anyone we wanted and as such the young couple left with a group ready to go. I then waited for about 5 minutes for the next group of hikers to arrive and asked the marshall again to be re- grouped. Again I was told I could walk with anyone I wanted and in fact as it was still light I could walk on my own.

Realising something wasn't right here I asked them how that was allowed as I had been grouped at Bridges. - this immediately changed everything. They were shocked I had been grouped so early but informed me the only way I could check in at the next checkpoint (Earl's Hill) was with the couple I had been originally grouped with otherwise I would be effectively disqualified! The couple in question would probably now be 6 -7 minutes ahead and walking at a fast pace. I set off after them knowing I would be hard for me to catch them up. The one thing your rules I assume were trying to prevent then occurred - after another 3.5 miles I found myself in the dark, walking on my own with no sign of anyone either in front or behind me.

For safety reasons I made the decision to go immediately to Bank Farm and retire. I arrived at Bank Farm at shortly after 20.00 - my hike that I had trained so hard for was now in ruins through no fault of my own and I had been placed in a potentially unsafe position.

I don't know whether the Bridges' marshall was grouping people too early or not letting the next checkpoint know what he was doing or whether the marshalls at Stiperstones were unaware when grouping was due to commence but I did make it perfectly clear I wanted to be re-grouped.

I thought you would want to be made aware of this.


We've discussed this with John as safety on the event is our highest priority and we are keen to address any issues to prevent them being repeated. We believe this been addressed to John's satisfaction - The Webmaster.


Dave Hills, completed course in 14:16
Hi Folks, as usual great event, thanks to all involved & thanks for putting it on.

Major improvements for me were the toilets (didn't do hike last year), and etracking this reduced traffic on roads & made it easier to find hikers.

Black Radley was better too, very muddy but hey the weather was much better.

I see someone is developing an electric jet pack for 2017 does the committee have a view on this for the rules yet?

Dave (Hills)

The same rules would apply to the electric jetpack as we apply to GPS navigation devices (compared with printed maps), the battery can go flat on a battery powered device. So it would be perfectly within the rules to use an electric jetpack, as long as you also carried a working set of manually operated wings with which could fly for 50 miles - The Webmaster.


Alex Vinall, completed course in 20:59

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent event. This was my first time entering the Long Mynd Hike and I was really impressed at how well organised and how friendly and helpful everyone one was.

The checkpoints were all amazing, well run and extremely welcome havens as the miles progressed. Loved all the different themes (and music) at each one. I have to particularly praise the incredible ladies dancing with their illuminated shoes at 11A. As we headed up the hill it was a marvelous site to see a surreal light display guiding us up the road!!!

So proud to have finished my first ever endurance hike and definitely will be back in future years.



Tariq Tufail, completed course in 21:04
Dear Sirs,

I had an absolutely wonderful time last weekend. This is the first time I've taken on such a challenge and a challenge it was. But what really made the difference was the level of support and organisation - outstanding. A massive thank you to all involved!

Kindest Regards


Kasyan Bartlett, completed course in 22:48
Hi All,

A massive massive thank you for a fantastic experience. Such fantastic support at CP's, Refreshment CP's, and from the Sweepers (Shepard's).

Really very impressive. Look forward to doing it again in 2017.

I would also very much appreciate it if you could perhaps reach out to.

Tony Francis and Mike Pinner, with whom I was placed at Bridges, and were an inspiration all through the night with their good humour, local walk knowledge, energy, truly a hearty thank you for making my first Long Mynd hike so very memorable. Thank you.

Once again thank you one and all for making this just an amazing experience.

Best wishes.


Philip Steer, completed course in 21:44
Dear feedback editor

Please use the following if there is still room
"I am pleased to reccomend the following members of the Hike Fellowship as perfect companions through thick and thin Geoff 447 & Luis 460 .Thank you gentle men !"

Philip Steer


John Carrington, completed course in 21:04
The Inspired Foot Platoon set off with the best of intentions at 1pm on the Saturday. The Earls Hill descent was a significant challenge in the rain and clambering up Corndon was no less eventful in the early morning. We added and lost various group members between 12 and 27 miles and eventually got two members of the team and a butcher from Shrewsbury across the line in 21 hours and 4 minutes. Another great experience, so well organised by so many great people with the right mix of support, comfort and sarcasm. Thank you for making me believe that I'm still 21.

John Carrington


Simon [surname and hike number not provided]

I would like to congratulate the organisers on another fantastic event. Checkpoints were as always well manned and with great people to help.

Night Grouping - I was glad to see that common sense prevailed this year and that grouping was done at Bank Farm as normal rather than at Stiperstones, or even Bridges (in past years). I would still say grouping is unnecessary for adults who are required to carry and know how to use a map and compass.

Kit Check - Always a bit OTT. This year I was only required to confirm I carried all the first aid kit, and to sign a waiver, confirming I was telling the truth. I was made to take out all my maps from the map case to prove I had them. Quite why I would want to bring the wrong maps is a mystery. Random kit check on the way to Stiperstones was a bit pointless given it was checking I had my torch, and that I had shown it at the kit check, and the fact that the majority of the Hike is in the dark.

I feel the hike needs to make up its mind re. Night Grouping and Kit Checks and then stick with it, rather than changing the approach every year.


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