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The Hike Committee met in a virtual meeting on 13th July 2021 and have taken the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Longmynd Hike. We have done this in the interest of maintaining the safety of the community, the hikers and Hike staff.

In the light of a possible 3rd wave of Covid-19 in the Autumn we have decided that rather than make a late decision on whether the event could proceed it was better for for everyone's certainty to make a final decision and announcement now.

The Hike relies on the support and goodwill of people in Church Stretton, of landowners and of residents around the route. They allow us access to their privately owned land and let us use their buildings, and farmyards for our checkpoints, communications relay points and support vehicles. This decision ensures that we do not expose the community to the virus and continues the good relationship we have.


The Longmynd Hike is a 50 mile competition hike open to anyone aged 18 or over, which takes place over the first weekend of October every year.

The route: The hike follows a set figure-of-eight route over the rugged countryside of South Shropshire and the Welsh Marches, with about 8,000 feet of climbing covering eight summits. The start is at 13:00 hours on the Saturday from Church Stretton and the object is to complete the course in under 24 hours. Church Stretton School is used as the hike HQ for the weekend and is where registration and kit check takes place, car parking is available and all hikers must report here first. The hike starts from a location to the East of the A49. The route is detailed in the "Hike Route" section of this site.

Safety: Suitable footwear must be worn, waterproofs and a specified amount (or more) of safety equipment must be carried, which is fully detailed in the rules. All checkpoints are linked by radio to the hike HQ at the school, first aid and rescue/sweep teams provide backup and transport is provided from retirement points back to the school for competiors who are unable to complete the route.

What is provided: Drinks are provided for competitors at roadside checkpoints and the school. The school also provides breakfast for competitors from early on the Sunday, has showers available and classrooms for sleeping. Everyone who starts the hike receives a certificate of their achievement showing the distance completed and time taken, the souvenir tally carried en-route is returned with the certificate. Your friends and family can track your progress around the course on the FellTrack.com website.


Trophies: 12 individual trophies and two team trophies are awarded.


Results: A list of finishers and winners will be available, the list will also be published on this website as soon as practical after the event ends.


The Hike is organised by 2nd Longmynd Scout Group.



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